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ValacoVentures, is a private forward-thinking venture building investment studio that was established in 2017, with a focus on growing meaningful innovative companies with founders driven by purpose and passion. We look to create value from the emergence of a new paradigm shift enabled by improving technologies. 

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Our latest unique and exciting investment is a disruptive sports technology venture - SportScientia, a top 50 global sports innovation company, that introduces its smart soccer pro-sumer insole which is set to revolutionise injury prediction and prevention. It uses real-time generated dynamic data to learn a player’s performance baseline by monitoring training load distribution, recovery, and performance, which in time, will enable the prediction and prevention of injuries from grassroots all the way up to elite professional level – a remarkable breakthrough in this space. 

Future Growth

This is just the beginning in our investments, as we are also in discussions with medical practitioners, sportswear brands, and top universities, as we explore a world of possibilities in fields as diverse as heart monitoring and stem cell development, as well as increasing our wearable technology portfolio by looking at the lucrative apparel sector.

Managing Partners

Peter and Daniel are the managing partners of ValacoVentures. The duo are brimming with the passion and ambition required to create successful start-ups, build the necessary engine components, and drive the ventures forward to fulfill their potential.Behind the managing partners is an influential team and advisory panel consisting of exceptionally brilliant and industry renowned experts, carefully handpicked to support and guide the company in building ValacoVentures into recognised global venture studio.

Peter Lazou

A future venture builder, investor and process designer with the passion for creating stories that bring alive the power of Tech Startups

Daniel Vale

A technology recruitment professional who’s enjoyed great success in the recruitment industry within Asia and Australia


Christiana Aristidiou